My preparation plans

July 29, 2005
I really don’t know when I will take the test. What I know for sure is that I will take the test between April and June 2.006, so I can have enough time to re-take it if I get a bad score.

Taking this into account, I have a good amount of time to prepare myself. The good thing about it is that I can get a strong preparation, but the bad thing about it, is that with all that time ahead, I might forget something that I learn at the beginning, and I have also read in some forums, that people who usually starts their preparation really early gets discouraged very quick.

To avoid discourage, and also get a good preparation, I made up a plan that I am trying to stick to…

First, I have to start with math, since this is my weakest area, I decided to begin by reviewing the basics in Spanish and later on I will review my math in English, but I think that starting with Baldor´s Arithmetic, I will get good arithmetic basic skills. After that I will continue with Baldor´s Algebra (yeah I know I might sound addicted to this author’s books, but they are definitely the best ones).

On the other hand, I am also preparing to take the TOEFL this year before it changes to its new format, so I planning to study for this test on weekends, and also review my English grammar. After that, I will continue reviewing Geometry and Probability, and I really hope that I can finish with all those concepts by December or maximum, January next year.

Then, I will continue with my preparation books, to review test taking techniques and how to ace each section of the test and also improve my verbal skills. After all that work, I hope that I can beat the GMAT and get a great score… my goal is a score of 700+.
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