Big Decision

November 27, 2006
The week that I was away in Villa de Leyva, I had a good a mount of time to think about a good deal of things, specially the whole application process.

I made a decision, which some people might consider as a step back, but for me it’s the best decision ever... I am not going to apply this year; I will apply for the 2008-2009 period.

What led me to this decision, well, first of all, the whole reason I was applying this year, is because I was very enthusiastic about the Alban scholarship, this is a scholarship that is given to Latin American students who wants to go to Europe. At first, I thought that this scholarship was very very big, and since this is the last year that this scholarship will be given I knew that I had to apply this year.

Since I had a bad GMAT score, I had an idea, and it was to apply to an university that didn’t ask for this test, and then apply to Alban. I was in the middle of this process, when I realized that this scholarship isn’t that good as I thought.... That is where ideas came into my head... If Alban isn’t so good, why apply so early, when I am not ready under any concept to pursue a master degree?

The answers to this question, lead to my final decision. Which is not to apply this year.

My reasons:

I am in the middle of buying my first house process.
I am in a kind of new position, and I still have a lot of things to do.
I need more financial experience.
I need a better GMAT score in order to get accepted in the universities that I like.
Because I don’t feel that this is the right moment to apply.

So well, this whole thing doesn’t mean that I am not going to study for the GMAT anymore, or that I am quitting, what this decision mean is that I want to do things right, in order to get better results in my future plans.
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Economists´ Jokes

November 10, 2006
Yesterday, a good friend send me some jokes about economists´ and I wanted to share them for a good laugh... Have a nice weekend =)

An economist is someone who gets rich explaining others why they are poor.

An economist is someone who knows 100 ways to make love, but doesn't know any women/men.

A central banker walks into a pizzeria to order a pizza. When the pizza is done, he goes up to the counter get it. There a clerk asks him: "Should I cut it into six pieces or eight pieces?" The central banker replies: "I'm feeling rather hungry right now. You'd better cut it into eight pieces."

An economist, a philosopher, a biologist, and an architect were were arguing about what was God's real profession. The philosopher said, "Well, first and foremost, God is a philosopher because he created the principles by which man is to live." "Ridiculous!" said the biologist "Before that, God created man and woman and all living things so clearly he was a biologist." "Wrong," said the architect. "Before that, he created the heavens and the earth. Before the earth, there was only complete confusion and chaos!" "Well," said the economist, "where do you think the chaos came from?"

An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today. - Laurence J. Peter

Economic statistics are like a bikini, what they reveal is important, what they conceal is vital" - Attributed to Professor Sir Frank Holmes, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand, 1967.

Phelson's Law (or so I was told) Copying an idea from an author is plagiarism. Copying many ideas from many authors is... research!!

A voice from history. “Not all Germans believe in God but they believe in the Bundesbank"
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Not everything is bad news

November 09, 2006
Well, I’ve been kind of extremely busy these last few days, but as the title of this post claims... Not everything in life is bad news.

I got my official score, of course the result is the same sad thing, but the only good aspect was my AWA score... I got a 5, and taking into account how nervous I was and the horrible subjects that they gave me and the fact that I never practiced a single essay; it was a really good grade.

Other good news: I had a great birthday... Thank you all for your warm wishes... =) But the best news ever is that the bank passed the loan to buy our dream apartment, so that is the best news ever!!! I also started to study, and this time I am very enthusiastic about it.

Next week I will be out of town, in a company training... I hope I can get some time to study between classes... I think I will.

Tomorrow I will be posting my new study strategy in detail... But I wanted to use this space to say THANK YOU!!! to everybody for the good advice and lovely words.
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