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April 14, 2008
Well, I know it´s been ages since the last time I made a post on this blog... But I´ve been waiting for something interesting worth writting...

So here is a small recap of what is been going on...

1. I finished my math summary for the GMAT, I hope that in a few weeks I can scan it since it is all hand written, but it will take a long while, since is a long summary, aproximately, 70 pages or more...

2. In January, I decided not to take the GMAT again, since I had not much time between studying time and preparation for applications, so I decided to apply to 3 universities that seemed very good and didn´t asked for this test.

3. I decided to apply to 3 universities: 1 in Switzerland, with a master in finance, 1 in England with a master in financial economics and 1 in Belgium with a master in financial economics as well.

4. I managed to complete and translate all the papers that the universities asked for... I don´t know why exactly it is so horrible the amount of papers that we need to get together in Colombia in order to study outside our country.

5. I took the IELTS (this test is not as nice as the TOEFL, I liked the TOEFL better). I took this test, because one of the universities that I wanted to apply asked for it. I got a good grade.

6. I sent all the documentation to the 3 universities. It was tons of work, and very expensive, and I have to tell, that I really admire all the people who have the guts to fill and complete an application request and all the essays and stuff.

7. I am waiting for the feedback from this universities... I hope one of them can accept me. One of them, the one in Switzerland, already said no to my application, and they were extremely rude.

8. I am trying to keep a positive mind, but I am also considering B plans... As soon as I have more news, I will keep you guys updated!

Thanks for all the support and nice words... I try to keep a nice attitude, since it is so important.
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