Back from vacations

January 23, 2007
It’s been quite a very long time since my last post...


Happy new year to everybody!!! (It’s kinda of late, but is the intention what matters, isn’t it?)

I bought and moved to my new house, that is why I wasn’t able to write for quite a long time, because I had no internet and I was really busy with all the things that I had to do in order to get my house look the way I wanted.

My parents were here in Bogotá, so for vacation, we had a great time, but I spend a couple of day missing them.

But it wasn’t all just fun, I also did some GMAT – Master related activities:

I bought a new desk for my studio so I can be able to study in it, my old desk was a pain in the ass, I never liked it.

I went to an MBA talk from INCAE, which is a school in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, who is really good, they only have a graduate business school, and they are the best rated grad school in South America for MBA´s. I don’t want to go there, since I want a short master, but I like the fact that I went, since talks are really inspiring and motivating. They also left me a couple of ideas related to the application process that I have to work on.

I also had a date at Colfuturo; this is a government institution, which helps students with loans to study away. If after you finish your studies, you come back to Colombia, part of your debt is forgotten. In this date, they clarified all the questions that I had concerning their application process.

This Thursday I will go to the Luis Angel Arango library, (this is a great library, in fact Bogotá, has a great libraries network) to get my membership card, you have to pay for it, but is not too expensive.

I started to consider the idea of not only a Master in Finance, but also applying to an MBA (one year MBA´s only) so I started to a checking list.
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