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December 26, 2006
Since I am starting my GMAT preparation all over again I decided to start by going through some debriefings that I think are really useful: Twinsplitter, Ursula, Piyust / ticktacktoe and Eric from beat the gmat. I took all of this information from

For my previous preparation, I just read them and said to my self, oh this is interesting, but I forgot a lot of their tips, so this time I made a list of the most important points that I found out on each of them (I am also adding some ideas that came to me while reading their tips):

Use Ursula’s practice sheet to get a feeling of what went wrong with each question (slow, unsure, correct, wrong, careless error, concept error)

Ursula usually did 40 problems in a 80 minute session and all questions where the same type (DS, CR, RC, etc)

Ursula’s time strategy: Divide the total time of a section (quant or verbal) in 3 and try to complete 1/3 of the questions on each block, but remembering to be flexible on verbal.

Get Piyu´s CR presentation (it can be obtained at Piyu´s links at this debrief at test magic or also at beat the GMAT forum) and work with it. Piyu´s Math document at the end of my math preparation.

Practice Boldface questions.

Anytime you see helpful information at test magic or other page, paste the link in a word document.

Search for static’s books for concepts.

Copy Twin’s SC Strategy.

Look for real life examples to add for AWA.

Do a lot of problems in front of a computer to get used to it.

At data sufficiency questions read the question very well and determine the kind of question, and when solving it, keep the statements separated.

Get sahil´s sentence correction notes.

While working with critical reasoning write down or at least identify the type of question.

Go through Powerprep quantitative overview.

Use the forums!
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New Blog: El Mecateadero

December 11, 2006
Well, it happened that I really liked this whole blogging stuff. That is why I decided to open up a new blog, this is one is about a little bit of everything, I just started it... So I hope you guys can visit it sometime. The name of the blog is El mecateadero, it is a Spanish word that accounts for a place where you go with your friends to eat something small between meals and where you hang around and have a good time.

The link to it is:
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Don´t spend too much time looking for information

This weekend, I started packing since I will be moving to my new home next weekend. While packing I took the opportunity to really see which GMAT Stuff I really needed, and what was really important, Since I have a pretty good deal of books: OG 10th and 11th edition, Kaplan GMAT and Kaplan Math review, Barron’s GMAT and Barron’s GRE and Manhattan GMAT, Plus some other reference books as Grammar in Use, Algebra and Arithmetic’s by baldor and some other math and grammar books, I think that I don’t need so many downloaded resources, that is why I decided to throw away all the things that were bothering, or were taking my attention away, from 8 folders, I ended up with only one, with the MOST important things to read and to take into account.

What is the message after all? Don’t spend too much time collecting information as it happened to me, I think that it really takes your attention away from the real deal and it is a very very common mistake
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