New Method

February 28, 2006
Last Monday, was my first week under my new method, and I have to say that I feel really pleased with the results. So far, I haven’t advanced too much in the exercises field, but I feel that I am learning more and that I am getting things in a better and much faster way.

The new method that I’ve been following is to make flashcards of all the concepts that I think I will want to review later, now, I am making the first set of exercises, I got 3 questions wrong out of 9 for a hit rate of 77% right and 33% wrong, but the good thing is that this questions are more GMAT focused, so I think that this is going to really help me improving my math-test-logic.
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Bye Bye Baldor

February 19, 2006
Today I made a major decision, I decided to quit Baldor’s Arithmetic Book. Why is this decision so big? Because I’ve never been a quitter, but this #$@% book took me out of my mind… I still have a long way to finish it, and by this rhythm I will never finish it.

I know that my math basis are in a terrible status right now, but what I am going to do to solve this situation is that for Arithmetic, I will go through Barron’s math review, this is not my favorite book for GMAT preparation, but the math review at the GRE book, is really good, so I am going to go trough all the arithmetic review I will go trough my Algebra Self Teaching Guide book, which is more comprehensive and shorter.

Another reason for this change is that the other book is in Spanish and it is a good moment to start attacking math in English… so will see how this new strategy works, I will be posting about this change.
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February 10, 2006
Yesterday, I got tired of not receiving my scores... so I called ETS trying to find out my final result, the score, as you can see is 273, I am really happy with that score, because taking into account all the hard days, conditions, lack of preparation and stuff, I think that the score is more than good...

Something really nice is that I got 5.5 on my essay... why is it so good? Because I had no time to check grammar, spelling and all that stuff, I used the whole 30 minutes just to type it, so it went trough just the way I typed, and that means that it wasn’t so bad, with more time, I might received a 6.0

Another good thing about the score, is that now I can see that my English isn’t so rusty after all and that the whole blogging thing really helps

I would like to say thanks to all the people who kept my moral up this last of stressful days... Piyu, Ryan, and of course my dear Andres... =)
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Robbed :(

February 01, 2006
Yesterday, I got robbed.

It wasn’t a guy with a gun, but somehow they managed to copy the magnetic band of my savings account card, and I have no idea how they got my pin number, but they did, so they took all my money away from an ATM.

Right now I am in the middle of a fight with the bank, so they can help me to get my money back... I don’t know if it would happen, but I really hope so.

Anyway, this has a been a major set back at least for my spirit, but anyway, I hope I can get back on track soon.

So far, I’ve been reviewing all the math stuff that I did in the last months, and I started to study new things. Right now, I am studying fractions.
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