My GMAT Strategy

January 16, 2006
After a good amount of days organizing my new home, I can finally say that I finished my work in that area. The house looks neat and very comfortable, so I am really happy that I don’t have to spend more time on it.

Well back in business, Today, I will start my GMAT preparation again, yesterday I planned my strategy and the time frame for it.

First, I thought that I would take the test on May 27th, but then I realized, that it is too early, plus, taking into account that I am applying for fall 2.007, so I settled July 8th as a possible date to take the test.

I know some people could say that it is a very long preparation period, but the problem is that my math is very very rusty, and I think that the most important part for this subject is to have clear concepts before practicing OG or anything else, so I am going to spend a really good amount of time in this part.

Also, since English is not my native language, there are three skills that I really need to work on in order to make things easy for the test, those skills are: Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading.

So well, here is my strategy for each section:

General GMAT Strategy:

Get an OG´s general approach to each section of the test.
Go through Kaplan’s GMAT Book.

Math Strategy:

Go through Barron’s GRE Math review (is a really good one)
And use the rest of my Math books in order to review the different parts of the test, here is the schedule:

January: Arithmetic’s. I will use my Baldor´s book in order to finish it.

February: From 01.02.06 till 14.02.06: Numbers Theory. I don’t have the materials yet, but I have my book El Diablo de los numeros (the numbers devil, in Spanish) as an introduction, and I hope to get a good amount of numbers theory material for that date.

February – March: From 15.02.06 till 16.03.06: Algebra. I will use my Practical Algebra book from Wiley Editorial.

March - April: From 17.03.06 till 10.04.06: Geometry. I will use my Geometry book from Schaum´s.

April: From 11.04.06 till the end of the month: Statistics. I don’t have a statistics book in English, I have a good one in Spanish, but I think that for this subject I will hire a teacher to help me with this stuff.

May: 02.05.06 till 15.05.06: Combination and Permutations. I don’t have a book in any language for this matter, but I think that for this subject I will hire a teacher to help me with this stuff or maybe I will go through Delta Course Material, which is supposed to be good.

Verbal Strategy:

Get good grammar basis build by using some online material that I got, and also my Grammar in Use book from Cambridge Editorial.

For Vocabulary, I have the Barron’s GRE Vocabulary list. It is a very good list of words, consisting in 3.000 words, some of them I know already, but I want to go trough the whole stuff, I already checked and if I learn 19 words a day, on the way to my office, I will have the whole document ready by the time the test comes.

And for reading, I will go trough The economist (I’ve been subscribed to them for some time now), Mc Kinsey Quarterly (which is supposed to be good) and also Scientific American. And also my books in English: Sophie’s world and the Lord of the Rings (both already started).

The only verbal part that I would like to start before touching OG is the Grammar Building, because for the Vocabulary and Reading parts, I think will develop them trough time.

AWA Strategy:

Create and practice a template for each kind of essay and then write 1 timed essay of each kind every 15 days.

OG and other materials:

After all of these actions, I will start working on the OG eventually I think that for the verbal part at the middle of March and the math part at the middle of May. I will mix OG with other materials that I have in order to get the maximum amount of practice before the test.

For my preparation, I have an approximate amount of 165 days, from 16.01.06 until 30.06.06 I will leave the first week of July for review and relax.
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Back to Reality

January 10, 2006
My vacations are officially off. I got back from Barranquilla yesterday night, and today I returned to my office, I am feeling kind of sad because I had to leave my parents, and since I am an only child, we have created a very special bound, it’s very hard saying good-bye to the people you love. But on the other hand, all the good times that I enjoyed these last vacations helped me to see things in a different and more laid back perspective.

I know I have to work hard in order to get a good GMAT score and of course my ultimate goal which is the admission in one of the universities that I am interested in. But I also need to enjoy other things and manage the stress around me in a better way.

After my vacations, I feel renovated and full of energy with a lot of projects. This week all of my energy is going to be focused in two words: Planning and Organization. I have to organize my house, studio and decoration and I also need to plan and organize a study schedule and my diet { new year’s resolution =) }

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to post my GMAT working schedule...!
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