Cab Incident

May 13, 2007
I wanted to wait some time before making this post, since it was kind of hard what happened to me last weekend.

I was going to my painting lessons, which are every Saturday morning from 9 to 1 p.m. Well, since I have to carry so many things and since the academy is really close to home I always take a cab.

Well, last Saturday, I was going to my painting lesson, and I was in a really good mood, and very happy, since I love painting, when I took the first cab that passed without passengers, when I was going to enter into this cab, the driver told me, to close the door slowly, and I tried to, but since it was really soft, it sounded kind of hard, and then the guy got really angry and started to yell at me… when that happened I told the guy to let me get down, since we only passed one house, since I wanted to start my day in a good way…

That is where the nightmare begun, the guy started to yell in a hysterical way to me, and then he called me all the in the most horrible ways ever, and then he slapped me in the face… Yes, as you guys are reading, he slapped me in the face!

What happened next? Well, maybe because of all the power points that I received about personal defense, or maybe because I was so afraid, but I kicked him in his shoulder… how my leg got that far from the ground, I don’t know, adrenaline makes wonders! And then I started to yell like crazy so this guy would let me down. At first he stopped, so I could go down (in all this time he never stooped yelling at me and telling me horrible stuff) and then when I had one foot out, he started the cab again, and I had my foot dragged all over the street (he even kind of ruin one of my new converse) and until he stopped.

How did I make him stop? Well, since I live close to the military hospital, and there are always militaries on the front door, he had to stop. The militaries came to see if I was o.k. and then came the police… The worst part is that there is nothing that an honest person can do against this horrible people, since there were no “major” injuries.

I had a terrible weekend, and now that things are over and I am fine again, thanks to the support of Andres, my family and a group of good friends, I wanted to make this post, for several reasons, first, as a warning, when taking cabs, try to get one on the phone, second of all, try to get as close to the door as possible and always be alert, third, try to get a bus before a cab, at least in a bus you have the help and support from more people, in a cab you are all alone against the other person, and you don’t know that they have in there to harm you.

My mom and a lot of friends told me that I was very lucky, things would be a lot worse, and now my dad calls me karate kid, after the movie that I love so much (thank you Mr. Miyagi) so I guess that I have to grateful.
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