The Economist MBA Fair

April 24, 2006
I think this is an event everybody should look at... The Economist MBA virtual fair... All you have to do is sign up and you can have only access to MBA info.
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Long Time no Posts

It’s been quite a long time without a post from me... Of course this situation is caused because the tons of work that I had lately and the days off from Easter.

O.k., I will make a little recount of what I´ve done this last few days:

1.I organized all of my GMAT files. Threw away a lot of things that I know I won’t use, or who are not so important.
2.Organized again my information about the programs that I want to study.
3.Finished all of my arithmetic’s notes.
Received my new books: OG 11th edition. Manhattan SC and Kaplan Math for GMAT and GRE.
5.Finished Fractions and decimals exercises. The hit rate wasn’t really good, only 63% of the questions where good, but the good part on the other side is that I did all the questions at gmat pace, something that I’ve never did before, so I think that by making less careless mistakes and practicing more I will improve this numbers.

This Tuesday is my final date to finish Arithmetic... So I can start with algebra, thank god... I remember that Algebra and Geometry were easier for me at school... So I think that things will go better...

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Beat the Gmat Forum

April 10, 2006

Today, when I entered to check out this site I found out that the Beat the Gmat Forum was opened today. I will take a closer look this next few days, but so far looks nice. Check it out.
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Fractions and Decimals

Yesterday, I finished my flashcards about fractions and decimals. I hope that by Wednesday I can finish also the percents, rations and proportions, so I can work on the exercises of those subjects and then finish the arithmetic’s part and jump into algebra. The cool thing is that Thursday and Friday are off because of eastern, so I will have a good amount of time to study and get a good rest.
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Test Date Set: July 21st.

April 03, 2006
Yesterday night, I registered for the GMAT; my test date will be July 21st at 9:00a.m.

I think that by setting up a test date I will start to work harder on this test because now I have a deadline that I can’t keep delaying, so I think that this is going to be really healthy for my studies. These last few months have been really hard for me, because of some issues with my family and in my office, so I think that having a date will help me put these things away and just focus on the test.

I took July 21st as a test date, because July 20th is our national holiday, so is a day off to rest and chill out before I take the test on the 21st (I am more of a morning person that is what I wanted to take it early). The good thing is that the center is in the city so it will be easier for me to get there. I will visit it in a few days to check it out.
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This weekend was dedicated to shopping, more exactly, books shop. I bought 3 books to complete my GMAT preparation: OG 11th edition (I already have the 10th), Kaplan GRE and GMAT Exams Math Workbook and Manhattan’s Sentence Correction.

I also finished my numbers devil book and I prepared some flashcards with the most important points of the book. I know that this is not the book that will help you pass GMAT math, but at least helped me getting in the mood.

I want to thank Andres for his sponsorship =)
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