GMAT Date changed again / Application Process

September 18, 2006
Well, it’s pretty obvious that I changed my test date. The new date? October 23, two days before my birthday. Time: 12.45 m, the same hour time that I took the TOEFL, so I take it as a good luck thing, since I got a good TOEFL score, without studying and after a moving.

Now GMAT conditions are kind of the same, but this time, I will study, in fact, I’ve been studying.

This new G-Date is really close to my favorite university deadline, which means that I have to study for the test and prepare my application at the same time. It might sound impossible to some of you, but I’ve been finding it very productive, since being in the application process motivates me a lot.

I also signed up for yoga lessons, my first lesson would be tomorrow. I already had an unblocking session, so I’ve been feeling, really good, my mom was also here, and she gave me tons of love, hugs and kisses, that I really needed, I also started to paint again (oil painting) and for the first time in almost a year of trying I managed to paint something nice.

I am very very optimistic about the future. Right now I am very focused and confident, a new feeling that I haven’t had in a long time. Attitude is everything, right? =)
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Blogger entering problems

September 05, 2006
I wasn’t able to enter any new post in quite a long time because I had a lot of problems entering the blogger site. Today, almost a month after my last post I’ve been able to enter again.

O.K. What happened to my on this last month? Well I don’t even want to remember, this has been the worst month ever!!!! I had the most enormous amount of work, and I haven’t been able to study. I was only able to finish the Kaplan book, and I just started with the OG 11th edition.

What now? Well I am a total nervous wreck!!!! I don’t really know what to do since I haven’t been able to prepare as hard as I would like to... My test is on September 22nd, and I don’t feel ready. What should I do? Re-schedule my test? My problem so far it’s been my math strategy, which have failed me = (. In verbal I feel tons better but not totally ready...

Here is a little story of my situation, I would really like to hear your imputs about this matter:

I scheduled my test for July, but since I had tons of work I had to re-schedule it. My new test date is September 22nd.

My problem right now is that July and August turned out to be the two most horrible months ever! And until today I’ve been able to take a book again.

Verbal is my stronger area but is not like I am getting the most spectacular results ever, since English is not my first language, but I am a total disaster concerning to math.

My questions are 3:

1. What should I do? I am really thinking about re-scheduling my test for the second time, since September looks kind of better, but I think that I don’t have enough time to study in order to get a good result.

2. What can I do to improve my math? I’ve studying with an algebra book and the math summary for some books, but so far, nothing good has come from this situation.

3. How can you balance a really hard and stressful job with GMAT?

P.S. This post has been changed. First I posted a question that I made to the guy from Manhattan Gmat, but he turned out not the best advicer ever.
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