August 01, 2007
Well, miracles do happen... I just found it out this past weekend...

The thing is that no matter how much I know that I have to study, that the GMAT is important, and all that, I wasn’t able to study for more than 30 straight minutes...

And there came my new hobby, listening history... I’ve always been a great fan of history and I love reading about history, well, the thing is that I have heard from a woman called Diana Uribe, who is a philosopher, who has a radio show where she talks for an hour about history, and she starts to tell you the story of all sort of things, just as a friend was telling you a nice story of something that happened to him over the weekend... so she is really fun to hear and you are learning at the same time.. Cool, isn’t it?

So, the thing is that I started to hear one of the History of England cd´s this past Sunday, and then by art of magic, I started to be productive... I know that it sounds weird that you study math and hear a woman narrating history at the same time, but I don’t really care, all I care about is that I’ve found study fun, and this past Monday, I didn’t turned on the TV, but I went straight to study... =)

I also think that it has helped me that the TV in the bedroom is broken so to watch TV, I have to go to the kitchen or to the studio.

And also other thing that I found to be a good help is the fact that whenever I study I get very very cold, maybe is the fact that all the blood goes to my brain? (I’m just kidding, but I really don’t know why I always get so cold when I study) so to avoid that much cold, I am now wearing two sweaters, and voila!

Anyway, it is really cool to feel finally motivated to study... It doesn’t really matter what gives you that extra something, the important thing is to find it.
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I’ve been away for quite a long time, since on the 13th of this month; I received terrible news, my great-aunt died. Usually, it wouldn’t a big motive of sadness, but she was an amazing woman, who happened to be my mentor.

I worked with her for a year in New York, thanks to her, and I had the chance to learn and experience wonderful things because of her, that otherwise, I would never be able to see or experiment.

She also shaped me to be the workaholic that I am today, and she thought me about discipline and how to be gentle at the same time with other, and how important family is. She was the best boss ever, because she always took you to your limits, but she also rewarded the efforts to achieve it.

As you can see, she was extremely cool and nice! And we will always miss her, since she was a very important family member for all of us.

After receiving this news, I traveled to Barranquilla, to be with my grandma, who was very affected, since she was her little sister, I stayed with them for almost a week, and it helped us all to feel better.

Anyway, I wanted to make this post, just to write, a few lines about Chichi, the incredible woman that I pointed on this post.
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