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November 04, 2007
Well, again a long time without posts, but again, I’ve been really busy, but I am glad to say that this time I got busy because my whole application process.

There isn’t much to say about GMAT, but there is a lot to say about the application process, and in this past month, I finally decided to which universities I am going to apply, taking into account several factors: Country of teaching, University, Curriculum, Price, Living, Average age of the students, Amount of latins in the program (I don’t want to be the only latin there). I have 4 universities that I want to apply on the first round, and 2 more for backup in march.

Maybe I don’t have much to say about GMAT, but I have a list of activities that has occupied my time lately, maybe this list can help you guys, since if you are interested in GMAT, application process is also on the way :)

Write to all universities asking them all the related questions about applications and scholarships
Make a list of all teachers that I am going to contact for references
Make a list of all friends and colleagues that I am going to contact for references
Contact all teachers that I am going to ask for references
Contact all friends and colleagues that I am going to ask for references
Find out how to make the apostillaje (legalization of documents) process and the costs of this process
Contact translation companies for prices on translation
Contact Fedex and other major messaging companies for prices
Review all required documentation needed in order to apply
Review all costs - dates to process the documentation needed
Start looking for possible Gmat dates and the costs of the test
Find out with the British Council and with the Toefl organization to see which test I will take, the difficulty and costs
Update Curriculum Vitae in Spanish and in English and make each version
Make a budget of costs of the whole application process
Make a board for follow up of the application process
Review possible scholarships for each institution
Review housing and every day expenses
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  At 12/18/2007 4:28 AM Anonymous Gmater-1 said:
Hi Catalina,

Just went thru your link on Test Magic and thought of visting your blog. Its nicely maintained. Didnt found time to read about your Gmat score. Anyway nicely maintained blog keep posted. I am thinking of writing the exam in another month or so.
Hi Catalina,

Just checked your thread on "just finished my GMAT"...saw 450 as your score, couldnt beleive this. I hope you would have retook the exam and would have scored in 7xx i ryt...sorry again..didnt went thru your complete blog.

Gmater-1 on TM :)
Hi Catalina

Came to your blog from another site. Have you given the gmat a second time already?
Thanks for writing this.
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