Beat the GMAT scholarship

March 20, 2007
Hi Guys,

Well, check it out,. Eric just posted this year's Beat the Gmat Scholarship and the awards are really cool...

Good Luck!
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well somebody on forums said they are HOT and now you are saying they are cool ...
I am confused ;)
Hi katalina

I'm kunal . You left a comment about vedic maths on my blog about GMAT today.
exce;;ent blog you have here on GMAT :-) .
Vedic maths is basically an india math technique which is very old . Currently only in some coaching institutes in India .teachers who know this technique teach it to student but this is not very wide spread . I have searched on the internet and very few tutorials on vedic maths are there and i didn't find nor i have any e book on vedic maths. It is what i learned from my brother who used to attend vedic math classes and also taught me the technique.

I found your blog very interesting, if you like we can have a link exchange too :-) ??
Hi Johny... I meant cool as in really nice..

How U doing? nice hearing from you again... =)
Hi Kunal,

Well, I really got impresed by vedic math and of course your site... It is really nice of you to help people by sharing your knowledge.

I found some vedic math books at, I am still thinking if I should buy any of them... On the meantime, your blog, is an excelent resource on vedic math.

Of course we can exchange links, tonight, when I get home, I will update your link in my site =)
hey i was just kidding ;)
count me in old GMAT bloggers ;)
Hi Johny, I tought you were really confused since I confused those terms when I was starting to learn english ;)

How is everything going? I really liked your post about 1000 CR ans SC, I share your oppinion...
cant help but gotta learn this internationally reconised language :(