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May 03, 2006
Well, Lost again, not going to say the same thing, because of course if I haven’t written in a week is because I was too busy.

This past week I didn’t dedicate myself too much to GMAT. What I did is that I took my spreadsheet with all the universities that I would like to apply to (16 in total) and wrote to all of them asking for brochures and applications forms. It’s very important to do that, because it takes a long time to receive all of those documents.

I know that anybody who reads this post will ask if I am crazy to have such a big amount of universities on my sight, but I believe that it is very important to have different chances under my sleeve.

I don’t know if anybody has heard about my universities spreadsheet, I think that everybody applying to a master should do it. What I did is that I entered in the Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (IHE-SJTU) site ( Right there they have a link with the 500 more important universities in the world, I downloaded into an excel file, and then I organized them by country, and I filtered the list by the countries that I would like to live or study in.

After that I entered into all those universities and saw their programs one by one looking for Masters in Finance (for those who didn’t knew I am not pursuing an MBA) and then I made my spreadsheet, with the country, name of the university, name of the program, whether if I like it or not (I divided this field in three categories: Yes, No and Maybe) also I entered the price of the program and my observations.

This spreadsheet took a long time to be build but it’s been the corner stone of my preparation, because I know that I no longer need to worry about the universities just about the GMAT and applications. I hope this advice can help anybody.

Well, this week I also started to work on the Kaplan GMAT and GRE Math workbook, and I also started to work on the Manhattan GMAT SC.
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