Long Time no Posts

April 24, 2006

It’s been quite a long time without a post from me... Of course this situation is caused because the tons of work that I had lately and the days off from Easter.

O.k., I will make a little recount of what I´ve done this last few days:

1.I organized all of my GMAT files. Threw away a lot of things that I know I won’t use, or who are not so important.
2.Organized again my information about the programs that I want to study.
3.Finished all of my arithmetic’s notes.
Received my new books: OG 11th edition. Manhattan SC and Kaplan Math for GMAT and GRE.
5.Finished Fractions and decimals exercises. The hit rate wasn’t really good, only 63% of the questions where good, but the good part on the other side is that I did all the questions at gmat pace, something that I’ve never did before, so I think that by making less careless mistakes and practicing more I will improve this numbers.

This Tuesday is my final date to finish Arithmetic... So I can start with algebra, thank god... I remember that Algebra and Geometry were easier for me at school... So I think that things will go better...

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  At 4/26/2006 11:26 AM Anonymous Prem said:
hi catalina,
i'm prem presently at houston right now.when are giving your gmat?i'm planning to give in july first week.pls let me know about your prep strategy.
Hi Prem...
I will take the test in july 21st.
Right now I am kinda of reformulating my test strategy, as soon as I have a new one I will be posting it.