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April 10, 2006

Today, when I entered to check out this site I found out that the Beat the Gmat Forum was opened today. I will take a closer look this next few days, but so far looks nice. Check it out.
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Thanks for mentioning my new forum on your blog. I hope my site will serve as an important GMAT resource for people like yourself. If you wish to see my blog in the future, please visit:

OK let me see eric's blog then...if it is useful to u it must be useful to me...My preparation if going on...I need to concentrate more on verbal as I am non-native speaker...Pushing hard aganist RC, Cr and SC. What is ur comfortable level in verbal.

Make good progress this weekend....enjoy..

Hey Cata, what happened to the MSN chat...when u come to online on that? Need some company to get going on the preparation.
hi Vijay,

I hope this next week (between thursday-sunday) we can talk and try to stablish a comunication schedule =)

Eric, good luck with your site, I think that it´s a nice thing what you are doing.
Hi Catalina:

I just wanted to let you know that Stacy Blackman (of Stacy Blackman Consulting) has agreed to serve as an MBA Admissions expert on the Beat The GMAT! Forum. Stacy has an incredible reputation. If you need some help with MBA admissions in the future, I invite you to come to and ask her a question.

All the best!
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