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September 05, 2006
I wasn’t able to enter any new post in quite a long time because I had a lot of problems entering the blogger site. Today, almost a month after my last post I’ve been able to enter again.

O.K. What happened to my on this last month? Well I don’t even want to remember, this has been the worst month ever!!!! I had the most enormous amount of work, and I haven’t been able to study. I was only able to finish the Kaplan book, and I just started with the OG 11th edition.

What now? Well I am a total nervous wreck!!!! I don’t really know what to do since I haven’t been able to prepare as hard as I would like to... My test is on September 22nd, and I don’t feel ready. What should I do? Re-schedule my test? My problem so far it’s been my math strategy, which have failed me = (. In verbal I feel tons better but not totally ready...

Here is a little story of my situation, I would really like to hear your imputs about this matter:

I scheduled my test for July, but since I had tons of work I had to re-schedule it. My new test date is September 22nd.

My problem right now is that July and August turned out to be the two most horrible months ever! And until today I’ve been able to take a book again.

Verbal is my stronger area but is not like I am getting the most spectacular results ever, since English is not my first language, but I am a total disaster concerning to math.

My questions are 3:

1. What should I do? I am really thinking about re-scheduling my test for the second time, since September looks kind of better, but I think that I don’t have enough time to study in order to get a good result.

2. What can I do to improve my math? I’ve studying with an algebra book and the math summary for some books, but so far, nothing good has come from this situation.

3. How can you balance a really hard and stressful job with GMAT?

P.S. This post has been changed. First I posted a question that I made to the guy from Manhattan Gmat, but he turned out not the best advicer ever.
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i hope Mr. Kevin has answered your questions.
He's real so i wont comment here much.

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Hi Johny,

That guy Kevin turned out to be a terrible advicer and I am very angry about something that he wrote, but like you I won´t comment too much about it, but you will find the post changed
  At 9/08/2006 1:20 PM Anonymous Aashim said:
1) The answer to your question depends on the score you are aiming for. In case you are aiming for anything above the 95th percentile, then my advice is to re-schedule the test.

To crack the exam requires thorough preparation and a frame of mind where in one believes he/she can tame the system. In the absence of these,luck is what one has to depend on the test day to get a high score.

But then some people underestimate themselves.

You can get a good estimate of your potential score by taking a GMAT prep test. If you score anything in the range of +- 30 of your desired score, you are good to go. If not then you know you have put in more work. [ If you have not done the OG then Powerprep tests would also be a good indicator]

2) I think the best way is to practise official questions from OG 10 or OG 11. If you have trouble with some specific topics,look up those topics in high school books. Practising Official questions is the best way to understand the GMAT maths, as the concepts for most questions are similar and revolve around fairly limited topics.

3) Balancing work and GMAT is tricky. Again you have to look at what score you aim for. And how far you are currently from that score. This range[the difference b/w your desired score and actual score right now] will essentially decide the time you have to put in. Sacrifices might have to be made,such as more work put in after/before office hours and/or decrease in social activities.

Also keep in mind that the GMAT score is based on diminishing returns. The higher you score the harder it gets to beat that score and go still higher. For ex: 650 to 720 is very easy; however a 720 to 750 might take twice the amount of time and effort compared with the first case.
Hi Aashim,

Thanks very much for your advice, as always very good one...

I am right now working with the OG 11th edition, and is good because you know that if you are doing bad or good is not because the questions are bad or well formulated, this is the real indicator of how good you are doing. I am feeling a lot better, since I was also very down when I wrote this post...

How are things going for u?
i had replied to this post but somehow it couldnt got published...

& now after 4-5 days i dont remember what i had to say....

sorry for the late reply.

most of the times i disagree with Mr. Kavin but this time I too agree with him.

My suggestion:
Know where you stand.
take GMATPrep test now & let us know....
also i dont know what score you are aiming for....
your scope of improving your score is depend on the period since you re preparing for the test... might have the case you have touched the plateau...

so tell us some details.

errr by the way
could you introduce me to Mr Aashim?. ..seems like he's an expert, placed on some GMAT forum?////
Hello sir, which GMAT forum you roam?
& whats your id there?
  At 9/11/2006 8:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
get the scoretop VIP and do all the quants in the sets and the MJJ's for the month of your test. the OG questions for Quant are for scores 650 and below, trust me as a former test taker. The OG is waste if you are aiming for high score.
Hey cat!

All the best in case you decide to go for 9/22. One golden rule - dont let anxiety get over you in examination hall !

I´m just feeling terrible, I just took the GMAT and my results were the worst ever. I don´t know what to do now. I´m very dissapointed. This is my third time in 1 year, and I haven´t seen any improvements.