Arithmetics Off

May 15, 2006
O.K. Finally I can say that I finished the arithmetic’s chapter of my GMAT preparation. At the end it took me kind of a long time because I changed the way I was making the exercises, first of all I added Kaplan to the set of exercises and second I repeated the wrong exercises several times until I could solve them. If after three times I was unable to solve it, then I checked the explanation. Kaplan exercises are kind of easy, but Barron’s are hard, so they gave me a good time fun.

Yesterday night I started Algebra, and I am working with a book called, Practical Algebra a self teaching guide. I am very happy with this book, because they divide every lesson in little “frames” so you can find like 1 or 2 frames per page, after they explain a certain concept they make you practice instantly, so if you don’t get that particular concept you will have to repeat it one more time.

I found this method better for me, even if I was very tired, I got enough energy to answer all those little exercises right except two, and I really like the pace of their method. I am just starting but I see a good future in this book... plus I like algebra better than arithmetic, so I think that I am going to be o.k.
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Hello, I am a fellow GMAT blogger. You have a good blog here. I plan to start blogging too. Good luck.