Don´t spend too much time looking for information

December 11, 2006
This weekend, I started packing since I will be moving to my new home next weekend. While packing I took the opportunity to really see which GMAT Stuff I really needed, and what was really important, Since I have a pretty good deal of books: OG 10th and 11th edition, Kaplan GMAT and Kaplan Math review, Barron’s GMAT and Barron’s GRE and Manhattan GMAT, Plus some other reference books as Grammar in Use, Algebra and Arithmetic’s by baldor and some other math and grammar books, I think that I don’t need so many downloaded resources, that is why I decided to throw away all the things that were bothering, or were taking my attention away, from 8 folders, I ended up with only one, with the MOST important things to read and to take into account.

What is the message after all? Don’t spend too much time collecting information as it happened to me, I think that it really takes your attention away from the real deal and it is a very very common mistake
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