New Blog: El Mecateadero

December 11, 2006
Well, it happened that I really liked this whole blogging stuff. That is why I decided to open up a new blog, this is one is about a little bit of everything, I just started it... So I hope you guys can visit it sometime. The name of the blog is El mecateadero, it is a Spanish word that accounts for a place where you go with your friends to eat something small between meals and where you hang around and have a good time.

The link to it is:
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hello nice informative post...i have also decided to apply for programs in management though...

planning to take GMAT in last week of march...hoping to srtart preps this weekend..hows your going?...which schools are u considering..
Hi Thinley... Well right now I am in the middle of moving to my new home...

I will be starting my preparation next year... aproximately on January 13, and related to gmat, right now I am more focused on what went wrong and how to prepare right for this opportunity.

I am persuing a Master in Finance or in Financial Economics, so I am considering European schools, since only a few American Universities offer this programs.

And how is your prep going?