A week off / Una semana de receso

August 09, 2005
This week I won’t be doing a lot of progress in my GMAT preparation, since I’m feeling a little bit with flu, and I also have a very busy agenda, with birthdays, anniversary, and my grandma visiting me. I hope I can do some study next Monday, which is a national holiday. Anyway, I am taking this week to rest, and take a little break because I am having tons of work at the office. But in the meantime I am trying to study a little bit of grammar in the mornings on the way to work.

Esta semana no creo que vaya a hacer muchos progresos en mi preparación para el GMAT, ya que me siento un poquito agripada y además tengo una agenda muy apretada, con cumpleaños, aniversario y la visita de mi abuelita. Espero que el próximo lunes pueda estudiar un poco, ya que es festivo. De todas formas, me estoy tomando esta semana para descansar, ya que tengo mucho trabajo en la oficina. Pero mientras tanto, voy a tratar de estudiar un poquito de gramática en las mañanas de camino a la oficina.
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You are doing good.....and even if your friends say that a blog is a silly idea...dont get disheartned keep posting here ....THATS THE WAY TO GO :-) Cheers
Hi, Thanks a lot for your comment =) actually that comment gave me a good reason to continue with my blog.
Just got to your blog from Paaji's. Nice blog you got it going here. Your idea of taking GMAT between April and June is quite right. I'm starting this year at McCombs and I'm also learning Spanish. So its fun to read your blog in Spanish and relate those words in english. Keep up the good work.
Hi Metal, thanks a lot for your comment. I am very happy to see that it can help you with your spanish, this is site is not translated word by word, but I try to keep the posts as similar as possible.
wow, do you write in both languages, or write in one and translate using a translator ?

all the best on your gmat.
i just gave mine 2 days back - and belive me - it is all about doing the Official Guide well, and a positive attitude.
Hi Forrest, I write in both languages. Spanish is my native language so I have no problem with it. I write all my posts in english first, because I try to think in that language and then I translate it into spanish, translating the ideas but not word by word.

I got the official guide 15 days ago, but I am trying to improve my math first because I have problems with it, but I read that the OG is the best for the GMAT. And how was the test? I hope you got a good grade.
Best wishes to you. I hope your dreams become the reality you deserve!
The GMAT's tough, but it sounds like you're doing everything you need to do to prepare.

Great blog. Keep the posts coming.
Hi Dave,

I am really happy that you visited my site,I love your blog is a great site =) Thanks a lot for your comment.
Hi Jerry, Thanks for visiting, I just checked your site, I wish you the best at your math camp, Yale, great school by the way.
Hope you're feeling well by now!
I'm with you. Math is also my weakness. Practice, Practice, Practice...and you shall be fine by the time you take your GMAT.

This site is quite resourceful. You can check it out in case Kaplan Math book hasn't covered everything.

Best of luck :)
Hi Ink, yes, I´m feeling kinda of better now, thanks =) I was cheking your site, it is really good, have you already downloaded the GRE math review? it´s really good.
Hi Catalina,
I just used the Kaplan GRE & GMAT Math workbook. GRE Math Review?
Did you download it from Test Magic? Or is this same thing as Kaplan workbook?
Take care!
Hi Ink, I don´t have the Kaplan book yet, but the one that I need is the GRE official math review, I will enter the link in the site so you can get it, it is really good and it is for free.
Take Care!