Out of business and back…

November 21, 2005
These last days I’ve been out of business… the thing is that this month it’s been a really hard, tons of work to do, and I’ve been really tired.

I made one little progress… Finally I finished the Multiples, divisors and stuff like that chapter… In total I did 18 exercises and 3 were wrong with a hit rate of 82%, which is not bad, taking into account that I wasn’t really into that subject. Now, I will start the fractions chapter.

Another reason why I was so out of everything is that I’ve been traveling a lot this last month, since there’s been a lot of holidays… and one really strong is that I’ve been questioning a lot my math strategy, since so far, I haven’t progressed as much as I wanted.. I was thinking about changing books, since I realized that the idea of going through all the books from Mr. Baldor was really ambicious… In Colombia we spend 4 years through both books, with teachers, and time to study and do homework, and now I wanted to finish them in 4 months, studying by myself? So I started to search for books to finish my arithmetic’s study, but after searching I realized that there is not such book like the Baldor one, so I decided to try as hard as I can and finish this book… the good part is that after going through all the book I realized that the only long chapter that I have left is the fractions one… the rest are really important things that I need to learn in order to get a good result in the GMAT… The good thing is that I have different books for geometry and algebra, they are in English, and away from the Baldor series.

But making a good analysis with Andres we realized that the big problem is that I didn’t had a place where to study, so went shopping this weekend I we bought a desk and since then I been feeling great, I went back to study, finished one listening session for the TOEFL and also a little bit of other stuff, so now I feel like a new start =)

I am really sorry for being out so many days!
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