Nothing in life can be perfect

June 05, 2006
I know the name of this entry might sound kind of sad of pessimistic, but the thing is that after all things started to go better at the office and I got time to study... I got really sick, I had problems with a horrible flu and I even had to go to the hospital. =(

Today, it’s been the first day that I’ve been feeling better. I couldn’t study much for two weeks; in this amount of time I have only been able to study two chapters of my algebra book, one about polynomials and the other one factoring. What I love about this book is that everything is well explained.

This weekend I started to think about the possibility of rescheduling my test. It will all depend on how much I can study this month... We’ll see.
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  At 6/11/2006 3:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
hey Catalina como estas. Soy Ramiro, habia conversado en gmatclub o testmagic (no me acuerdo cual de los dos) sobre la aplicacion a un mba.

Como va todo? contame, cuando das el gmat entonces?. Yo estoy haciendo el mba en thunderbird, termino a fin de este a*o.

Bueno, te deseo suerte y espero oir novedades de tu avance para el examen.

Hola Ramiro, Como vas, que chevere volver a saber de ti... La verdad estos dias no se han portado muy bien conmigo, ya que he estado con problemas de salud, pero bueno aqui vamos tratando de salir adelante, para terminar con el GMAT y aun mas importante poder empezar mis procesos de aplicacion para el master.

Y como vas que tal el MBA? me imagino que genial...

Hi, i'm from india & got link to your blog via testmagic. i've read somewhere in ur blog that you are planning for MSF courses. Well, i too am interested in MSF & planning to apply in 2007.

Get well soom & Hope we can share more.