Food Poisoning / Intoxicacion

August 20, 2005
Well, when you really want to study, have the time and the willing to, something happens... well as the title of this post says, I got a problem with food poisoning... just for eating a thing that is not supposed to be eaten frozen... anyway, now I'm recovering, but the worst part is that I the pill that the doctor gave me, made me even sicker.

I hope I can get better soon, so I can go back to my studies again. =(

Cuando uno en realidad quiere estudiar, tiene el tiempo y el empuje, algo pasa… bueno, como bien lo dice el nombre de este mensaje, tuve un problema por intoxicación, ya que me comí algo que no se debe comer una vez congelado… bueno ni modo, ahora me estoy recuperando y lo peor de todo es que la pastilla que me recetaron me hizo sentir mas enferma.

Espero ponerme bien pronto, para que así pueda volver a mis estudios = (
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  At 8/20/2005 1:21 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
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Hey Catalina,
Hope ya feel betta!
Just be careful next time!
  At 8/22/2005 8:56 AM Anonymous The GMAT Dude said:
Hi Cata,

I see your blog is getting bigger and bigger... Don't let some frozen food get in your way to GMAT perfection!

By the way, did you know it's possible for you to receive these comments by e-mail?

Take care,
Hi Ink, Thanks for your good wishes... Today I am finally feeling as always =)

Gmat Dude, Thanks for the suggestion, I will take it into account. Today I got back to school, hopefully tomorrow I will be posting again.
Hope you are well, Catalina!

Best of luck to you!
Hi Eric, Yes, I´m feeling better, Thanks!
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