Life is good again

June 22, 2006
Well, reading my old posts I realized that it’s been a while without any positive post from me. I find that a little disturbing, since I am a very positive and energetic person, and the last weeks have just been really rough.

Today, I am flying to my hometown, Barranquilla, where my parents and childhood friends live. I think that it’s pretty nice to see them all, since I haven’t been around for the last six months, and a little bit of parents love is always necessary. I will also be also visiting all my old doctors, so they can check me out and see what’s been wrong with me.

These last few days I haven’t studied as much I would like (gifts shopping). I am just about to finish chapter 5 of my algebra book, and I hope I can work in at least one chapter in Barranquilla... What I can really tell, is that for all of you guys out there who have problems with algebra this is just the perfect book to undust (is this actually a verb?) Math... Anyway, I know that next week, a lot of study sessions will come back since I am pretty excited and motivated again.

There is always sun behind the gray clouds =)

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